Software Architect / Senior Software Developer

Saroo Tasdighi

I am a hands-on Software Architect / Senior Software Developer with over 19 years experience in the industry, with more than 10 of those years having played the role of an application architect, integration architect, and enterprise architect.

About me

I have over 19 years of experience in various fields of software analysis, architecture, design and development.

My experiences include a concentration in web-based programming, client / server applications, integration, Microservice, SOA architecture.

Most of my experience is in design and devlope software infrastracture (Issue, Inquiry, Product Design, Claim, Bundling, Sales Network, CRM, Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Annuity, ...) of the Insurance Industry.

Areas of Expertise

  • Microservices and Service-based Architectures
  • Service-Oriented Architecture 
  • Application, Integration, and Enterprise Architecture
  • Hands-on Pragmatic Software Development / Delivery
  • Iterative and Agile Methodologies / Agile Coaching
  • Architecture Assessment and Roadmap Development
  • Training, Teaching, Coaching, and Mentoring



Application Architecture, Integration Architecture, Enterprise Architecture.


Experience in Windows App, Windows Services, Database, Back-end and Front-end development for more than 19 years.


Experience in Analysis of Insurance and Financial Industry softwares.


Programming Language for implementing the queries by using Object-Oriented concepts (PERSiX-O)

Programming Language for implementing the queries by using Object-Oriented concepts with an internal query language named "PERSIX-O".


Structured Query Language that communicate with the database through a middleware (PERSiX-S)

A middleware for structuralizing the relationship with the Database using an internal Query language named "(PERSIX-S)".